How to Change Custom Post Types in WordPress

Why Would You Need to Change Your Post Types?

Post types are diverse types of content that you can add to your WordPress site. The five default post types are posts, pages, attachments, revisions, and menus. You can also create your own custom post types that allow you to create several types of content and display them differently on your websites. These custom post types can be portfolios, testimonials, products, or anything else that you need to improve your site.

You may need to switch one post type to another for your content to make the most sense, such as converting a post into a page or vice versa. You may also want to convert a default post type to a custom post type, or even convert multiple posts all at once to save yourself time.

Changing Post Types in WordPress

The first step to changing post types is to install and activate the Post Type Switcher plugin. This plugin will allow you to switch post types when editing a post and will allow you to use Quick Edit and Bulk Actions when viewing posts.

If you’re using the Gutenberg block editor, start by going to the editing screen of the desired post type. In the Status & Visibility section of your Post settings you’ll notice an entry for Post Type which will allow you to change the selected post type.

If you’re using the classic WordPress editor, you’ll still start by opening up the editing screen on the desired post type. This time, under Publish you will see a new dropdown menu titled Post Type that will allow you to change the selected post type. Once you’ve chosen the new post type that you would like to change your post to remember to click Update to save your changes.

You can also follow this same process using the Quick Edit button and finding the Post Type dropdown menu. To switch post types for multiple posts at once you can go to Posts > All Posts and click on Bulk Actions at the top of the screen. You can then select all of the posts that you want to change and can edit all of them at once. Just remember to click the Apply button to save your changes before moving on.

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