Is it Safe to Host Your Own Website?

The world of technology has changed, and along with it, so has it the internet. There was a time when we had to use a phone line for 56K dial-up to get onto the web. Oh, how times have changed. Thankfully. Now, high-speed internet is the norm, and with the click of a mouse, you can enter just about any website you desire. And with the age of the internet, comes a plethora of reasons for consumers to launch their own websites for various reasons.

Is it safe to host your own website? Yes, with the proper precautions put into place. By using website building and hosting services, a safely hosted website is easily achievable. If you plan to create and host the website yourself, it is still possible to keep it safe even if it’s more difficult to accomplish.

Services such as Square Space and Wix have served to elevate the self-created website game. What they have done is create a system that makes building a website simple to do. Anyone who knows how to use a computer can build their own website, and each company even helps to provide security, so your website is safe. If you are tech abled and know how to build your own website already, it’s typically safe to assume you will be privy to setting your own security measures too.

Building a Safe Website


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With the ever-growing digital world further encapsulating the abilities to move a lot of services online, it gives more people a reason to build a website. If a consumer owns a business, they typically have a website to go along with it. And many entrepreneurs have utilized services like the ones mentioned above to build the website themselves. As a Square Space user myself, I can vouch for the simplicity and security measures put into place by their company.

Although using a service like Square Space or Wix can make things easier, it’s a good idea to still have your bases covered. A company such as these will typically have the option of twenty-four-hour customer service in case you get stuck or have any concerns. Using this feature can serve to set up your site so that you won’t have any issues with intrusions that can hinder its functionality.

If you choose to create your own website using one of the services above, they will also assist with the items below. When you’re attempting to build a site on your own without any help, these will be important items to take note of to cover your bases.


Let the pros handle the server communications for your site. Website building services usually have all their own servers ready, so you won’t ever have to concern yourself with this.

Software Updates

When building and running a website on your own, you will have to consistently update the software. Your software always has to be up to date for top-notch functionality. Website building services will usually keep your software updated for you without ever having to think about it.

Time Management

If you’re a business owner building their own site, chances are you already don’t have a ton of time. Building a site from the ground up on your own can be an insurmountable task. By using a service, you will cut down on tons of time because they take all the guesswork out of the situation for you.


Building your own website using a site-building service will also help to keep your costs down by giving a concise breakdown of exactly what you will be paying for. Doing things on your own can cause the costs to start racking up.


Your website’s vision and how it looks matters a ton. You are always going to want it to look and run its best. Website building services give you an exact layout and let you use the site before purchasing it, so you know exactly how it will look and run.


Most website building services will provide added security to keep everything safe. This is a top priority because your site has everything that you want to keep safe from any intrusion. If you build a site on your own, make sure your security is on-point.

Customer Support

As mentioned, website building companies will provide this for you. Twenty-four-hour customer service is typically the norm. If you build a site on your own, this is essentially a service you will have to provide yourself a lot of the time.

Building a safe website on your own is possible, but it’s tougher. The IT guys and girls out there that know their tech inside and out will usually have no issues getting the job done. But website building services have made things way easier for those of us who are absolutely not IT. This is really a great benefit because it gives anybody the opportunity to make an awesome website without breaking the bank. You will have the right security as well, so you don’t have to become concerned with unwanted intruders.

Choosing the Right Company to Build Your own Site

I think the number one factor to keep in mind when choosing a website builder is not the cost, but the simplicity. Any of the companies we mention are going to be affordable, that’s a given. But if you end up getting roped into building a website and the experience is more frustrating than productive, then it’s time to peruse some other options.

We will check out the best website building services with the highest ratings so that you can make an educated choice should you choose to build your own site. Each of the companies listed have their own unique features that help consumers decide which company to use.


Wix is rated number one in the website building game. The simplicity and affordable rates are great. But they also have the best-rated usability compared to other companies. Their website load time is also pretty quick. It’s not number one, but it’s close.

Constant Contact

Another excellent option to build your website. Simple, to the point, great guidance, and they are also affordable. With prices that are comparable to other companies, these guys hold the number two spot for website builders.

Site 123

Site 123 doesn’t provide a ton of recent date for their website load times and uptime (being the percentage of time the website is available), but their ratings are excellent for usability and simplicity. They also provide customer service when you need it and can directly help with any issues that arise.


Jimdo is number four on hour list because the usability of the site is still good, but it’s not as good as other services. The site load time is a little slower than their competitors, but they still have a decent load times and uptime. Still not a bad choice if you want to build your own site, and their prices are a little lower than the competition.

Square Space

Square Space ends up as number five on our list mainly due to the usability of the site. It is still easy to use and accomplish building your own site, but compared to other services it can be seen as less simple to use. They provide competitive prices compared to our other services and all-day customer service, so they are still a great choice to build a site with.

Building a safe website can be accomplished fairly simply in our current age. As time goes on, things like building your own website will become easier and more affordable. By allowing consumers to achieve the things they couldn’t before by using technology to make it simple, like building a website, the possibilities have become endless because these things are also now more affordable to us as well.

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