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Extending WooCommerce while preserving site speed & scalability can be a challenge. Fortunately the team at BOISE WEB thrives on challenges.

Our WooCommerce Plugin Development Process

Outlined below is our WooCommerce plugin development process. Going through these steps ensures your plugin is developed with the features and functionallity you need.

Gathering Information

we identify the main purpose behind setting up the website. During this phase we also determine a number of important facts such as:

  • Goals of the project
  • Problem you need sovlved
  • Features need in extension
  • Admin interface requests
  • Front end interface
  • Important details surounding your business & industy

Here you explain your overarching vision for the plugin / extension. Spending time understanding your goals and vision is critcal to succcess.

Information Gathering

Planning & Structure


During this stage we take the requirements outlined in the previous step and then map out the features & functionality needed in the new WooCommerce Plugin. Important decisions for plugin formation such as database structure, admin interface structure & customer interface are outlined.


This is where the real fun begins. Here we begin to write the code that makes the plugin work as planned. Depending on the complexity of the plugin, the plugin will undergo several small versions until it is working properly.

WooCommerce Plugin Coding

Extension Testing

Testing, Review and Launch

Once the code is written, we will test the plugin to ensure all portions function as desired. After we test the plugin and verify all the extensions are working properly, you can also test the plugin if desired. Once you approve the plugin, we can either provide the code to you or install it on your live website.


Since both WordPress & WooCommerce provide regular updates to their code base, it is sometimes necessary to update a plugin to ensure it still functions properly after the update. Additionally, if you discover down the road that you need the plugin modified, we are happy to work with you to make the changes.

Plugin Maintenance & Updating


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Running & growing an online WooCommerce store can be a challenge. Make your job easier by working with BOISE WEB. We are professional WooCommerce plugin developers you can trust. Our goal is for your business to grow and prosper. From small extensions to large WooCommerce plugin development projects & every problem in between, trust BOISE WEB for your WooCommerce plugin development!