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WooCommerce Services & Support

Make your website thrive with our WooCommerce services.

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Do you need help with your WooCommerce webstore?

Whether you need help with your existing WooCommerce website, or you need help creating one, Boise WEB is here for all of your WooCommerce needs!

We can do anything from building a new webstore, reconfiguring shipping options, speeding up slow sites, migrating your website to WooCommerce, and everything in between. You can trust Boise Web to get the job done right!

Our goal is to make your WooCommerce store the best that it can be! Boise WEB has all of the experience and expertise you need when it comes to WooCommerce. Our team is the best in the business, and when it comes to WooCommerce, there’s nothing we can’t do!

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Various Types of E-Commerce Sites

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Having worked with a myriad of businesses, we can design your e-commerce site to appeal to your specific type of customer.

Business to Business

Often a B2B e-commerce website will need pricing that is either customer specific or pricing that changes based on customer groups. The ability to restrict products to certain customers is also a common need we handle.

Business to Consumer

The most common type of e-commerce website developed, these sites can vary greatly depending on the type of product sold & the customer group who is shopping. Our team can help you get the functionality you need for this type of e-commerce site.

Local Business

Pick up in store is a feature a local business needs. Sometimes the business only wants to sell products to a specific geographic area. We can help you accomplish both of these.

Small Business

Often just starting out, we like to make sure to understand your vision for the future so your ecommerce website will take you where your business goes.

WooCommerce Services

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WooCommerce Development

WooCommerce is said to be the most customizable e-commerce platform in existence. But, you still need a team that knows what they’re doing. Here at Boise WEB, our team is experienced, qualified, and highly skilled. If you have a dream or a vision for your WooCommerce website, we can turn that dream into a reality and make you a beautiful webstore that you can be proud to call your own.

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Website Design

The look, feel, and design of your website can make it or break it. Do your customers like what they see when they look at your site? Conversion rates have been directly linked to website designs. If your customers are able to easily find what they want on a website that looks and feels professional, your conversion rates will automatically reflect that.

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WooCommerce Speed Optimization

If your website is slow, your customers won’t want to use it. You don’t like to wait around for a slow site and they don’t either! With Boise Web’s quick and easy WooCommerce speed optimization, we can have your website running faster than ever before! Stop losing customers because of a slow-loading website!

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WooCommerce Extension Development

If you want to modify your website but don’t know where to begin, let Boise Web help. We have extensive knowledge of WooCommerce extensions and are old pros at developing them. If you want to add some extra flair and functionality to your webstore, let Boise Web design the perfect extension for you.

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Product Creation

The products that can be sold on WooCommerce are limitless. The possibilities are endless! Whether you want to sell ten products, or ten thousand products, Boise WEB can design you the webstore you need, no matter how large or how small.

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WooCommerce Troubleshooting

Are you having problems with your WooCommerce site? No matter what the issue is, Boise WEB can fix it. We have extensive knowledge and experience working with WooCommerce websites and we are more than happy to help you get your site back to running perfectly.

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WooCommerce Host Migration

Moving your website to a new host can be a daunting task. When done incorrectly, orders can be lost or, even worse, your site could break completely. BoiseWEB has moved many different websites to new hosts. Don’t worry about losing orders or having your site break down. Let BoiseWEB take care of your host migration!

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Website Conversion to WooCommerce

Do you need your site converted over to WooCommerce, but don’t want to deal with all of the headache and hassle associated with it? BoiseWEB can help! Regardless of what your reasons are for wanting to change platforms, BoiseWEB has the experience and the expertise to help you get the job done.

WooCommerce Experts You Can Trust

No matter what your WooCommerce needs are, Boise WEB can help you meet them!

Whether you want to create a brand new WooCommerce store, or need some help improving your existing one, Boise WEB can do it all.

For years, Boise WEB has been helping clients all across the United States achieve their WooCommerce dream. Our team of skilled and experienced professionals are the best in the business, and we can help you achieve your WooCommerce needs.

If you can dream it, we can do it!

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