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Quality web development extends beyond the coding process

Modern web development incorporates many factors including:

  • User Experience
  • Ease of Use
  • Color Scheme
  • Multiple Browser Compatibility
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Server Requirements
  • Page Load Time
  • Website Security
  • Accessiblity

When picking a development firm, make sure they consider all the factors related to your project.

Our Website Development Process

Below we outline our web development process. Using this process we ensure you receive the exact web solution you need for your business.

Gathering Information

This brings into perspective the main purpose behind setting up the website. During this phase we determine a number of important facts such as:

  • Goals of the project
  • Target audience
  • Tag line
  • Color scheme
  • Products & services offered
  • Important Details surounding your business & industy.
  • Important Details surounding your business & industy.

This step provides insight which will help to develop strategies for the different functionalities of the website in later stages. Carefully carrying out this step is key to building the web system you need.

Information Gathering

Website Wireframe


This is also known as site mapping, outlining, or wire frame creation. At this stage of web development cycle, we create an overview of how the entire site will look like when completed. While this can be done either on paper or on the web, the wireframe is a visual representation of the website’s interface. It shows what pages will exist on the site. The wireframe also describes the elements that will be added to the page and their location. Since it doesn’t have any design elements such as colors, logos, etc, it can look a little sparce. We take care of the design once the outline is complete.


Now the website takes shape. All images, videos & visual content are added to the website. This is where information previously gathered come into play. During this phase we create the design that matches your brand & speaks to your customer.

Web Designing

Website Coding


This is the point where the actual website is being created. While some coding can be done during the planning & design steps, the bulk of the coding is done here. All systems are now setup & integrated. Framework and CMS are implemented in such a way as to encourage smooth running of the site.

Testing, review and launch

At this stage, the site is tested for functionality. A lot of tests are carried out on the website to ensure it works as it was intended to. Bugs are fixed & testing continues until no new errors are discovered.

Website Testing

Website Maintenance Monitoring & Updating

Maintenance: Monitoring and Regular Updating

Having a website built is not enough. Monitoring systems can detect possible problems which must be fixed as soon as possible. Keeping the website updated with the latest security patches is also a must. We are happy to ensure you have a smooth running website for years to come. Please ask about our website maintenance services.


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