Thank You!

Thank You for your time in filling out the questionnaire. We are excited to get this project started for you.

We will be contacting you via email in the next 2 business day to set up a time to meet to talk about your Logo Design.

Our Design Process

Talk with Client About Logo Design

Step 1
In this meeting we will discuss the questionnaire to help the designer to get a great feel for your company, and your vision for your logo.

Designer Creates Digital Sketches

Step 2
Designer will sketch a handful of ideas and make them into a black and white digital images.

Send to Client For Feedback

Step 3
When you receive the first set of digital sketches, you will pick one or two designs you would like explored by the designer.

Designer Makes Edits & Sends to Client

Step 4
From your feedback on the sketches, the designer will make variations and refinements to the sketches.

This process of feedback and edits will be repeated until we are close to your final design.

Meeting to Finalize Design

Step 5
Once the design in locked down we can meet over zoom where you can ask for live edits on your logo to make sure everything is to your liking.

Send Logo Files to Client

Step 6
Once a final design is locked in. We will send you a folder with JPG, PNG, PDF, SVG, and AI versions of your logo.

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