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Google has recently recommended that all websites move to serving all webpages using https rather than the traditional http. This recommendation released on August 6th, seems to be an attempt to help make the internet a “more secure” environment. As wemasters all over the world are beginning to make the switch to SSL, there are many pitfalls to avoid.

When setting a Magento store to run in the SSL on all pages the first step is to ensure that the site makes all its calls as relative urls. Next, log into admin & change the unsecure url address to https. Finally and perhaps most important in admin goto System –> Web –> Url Options –> Auto-redirect to Base URL. Make sure to set this to No.


If this is set to Yes 302 or Yes 301 then the site will redirect http requests to https, but it will push all requests to the homepage. Therefore any links pointing to http subpages will be redirected to the https homepage.

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