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Generating Leads by Implementing a ‘Client of the Month’ Feature

In today’s competitive business environment, innovative and engaging strategies are essential for lead generation. One such approach that stands out for its simplicity and effectiveness is implementing a ‘Client of the Month’ feature within your marketing efforts. This strategy not only recognizes and rewards your existing clients but also harnesses their networks to generate new leads. Below, we detail how to implement this feature on your social media or newsletter and encourage clients to share their spotlight within their networks.

Tools & Skills Needed

  • Communication Skills: For effectively collaborating with clients and crafting compelling narratives.

  • Social Media Management Tools: To schedule and promote the content across various platforms efficiently.

  • Graphic Design Software: For creating visually engaging posts that capture the audience's attention.


  • Client Consent Forms: To legally share client stories and images.

  • Marketing Platforms: Social media accounts, newsletter tools, and a website for hosting the content.

  • Content Creation Tools: For creating engaging and visually appealing feature content.

Infographic about generating leads through a client of the month feature


Understanding the ‘Client of the Month’ Concept

The ‘Client of the Month’ concept involves selecting one client each month to feature prominently in your company’s marketing materials, such as social media platforms, newsletters, or your website. This feature can include an overview of their business, a case study of the work you’ve done together, testimonials, or any content that highlights the positive relationship between your client and your business.

Why It Works

  • Client Appreciation: It shows appreciation for your clients, making them feel valued and strengthening your relationship.
  • Social Proof: Featuring real-life success stories provides social proof, enhancing your credibility to prospective clients.
  • Network Expansion: Encouraging the featured client to share the spotlight within their network can introduce your business to a wider audience, generating potential leads.
  • Step 1: Selection Criteria

    Develop criteria for selecting your ‘Client of the Month.’ This could be based on the length of the relationship, a successful project completion, or their willingness to participate in marketing activities.

  • Step 2: Inform and Collaborate

    Reach out to the selected client, inform them about the feature, and collaborate on the content. Ensure they are comfortable with what will be shared publicly.

  • Step 3: Create Engaging Content

    Draft engaging content that highlights the client’s achievements and how your business contributed to their success. Include quotes, images, or videos for a more personal touch.

  • Step 4: Promote Across Channels

    Feature the content prominently across your marketing channels. Ensure it’s easily shareable for the client.

  • Step 5: Encourage Sharing

    Encourage the featured client to share the spotlight within their network. Provide them with easy-to-share links or pre-made social media posts.

  • Step 6: Follow Up

    After the feature, follow up with the client and their network. Engage with any new contacts or leads that arise from the feature.

Key Considerations

  • Privacy and Consent: Always obtain consent from the client before sharing any information or images, especially for sensitive or proprietary projects.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Aim to feature a diverse range of clients to showcase your business’s commitment to inclusivity.
  • Consistency: Make this feature a regular part of your marketing strategy to keep your audience engaged and looking forward to the next feature.

Implementing a ‘Client of the Month’ feature is a strategic way to deepen relationships with current clients while simultaneously expanding your reach to potential leads. By showcasing the successes and stories of your clients, you not only celebrate their achievements but also leverage their networks for lead generation. Remember, the key to success with this strategy lies in genuine appreciation, collaboration, and effective promotion.