expert Q and A session

Generating Leads by Hosting an “Ask the Expert” Hour

This guide outlines the process of hosting an ‘Ask the Expert’ hour as a method for generating business leads. It covers planning the event, promoting it to your contacts, and encouraging them to spread the word. We’ll also provide a sample structure for the session, essential tips for engagement, and a breakdown of the time, materials, and tools needed to make your event a success.

Tools & Skills Needed

  • Expert Knowledge: Essential for providing valuable advice and answers

  • Marketing Skills: For promoting the event effectively

  • Technical Setup: For hosting a smooth virtual session, if applicable

  • Organizational Skills: To manage registrations, follow-ups, and feedback


  • Video Conferencing Platform (for virtual events)

  • Promotional Materials: Digital flyers, social media posts

  • Registration System: For capturing participant information

  • Follow-Up Templates: Emails or messages for thanking participants and offering additional resources

infographic on generating leads by hosting an ask-the-expert hour


  • Step 1: Planning Your 'Ask the Expert' Hour

    • Identify Your Expertise: Clearly define the area of expertise you’ll be offering advice in. This should align with the services or products your business provides.
    • Set a Date and Format: Choose a date and decide whether the session will be virtual (via platforms like Zoom or Google Meet) or in-person. Virtual sessions can reach a wider audience but consider your target audience’s preferences.
    • Prepare Content: While the essence of the hour is to answer live questions, having prepared content or key points to share can ensure the session is informative even during slow periods.

  • Step 2: Promotion and Invitations

    • Use Your Contacts: Leverage your existing phone contacts and email lists to invite participants. Personalize the invitations to make them feel exclusively selected for this opportunity.
    • Social Media and Website: Announce the event on your business’s social media pages and website. Use engaging visuals and clear details to capture interest.
    • Encourage Sharing: Ask your contacts to invite others who might benefit from the session, increasing your reach and potential leads.

  • Step 3: Hosting the Session

    • Interactive Introduction: Start with a brief introduction about yourself and the session’s objective. Encourage participants to ask questions and share their challenges related to your field.
    • Q&A Format: Dedicate the majority of the time to answering questions. Be concise and provide actionable advice.
    • Offer Follow-Up: For more complex inquiries, offer a personal follow-up. This can turn a general question into a specific lead.

  • Step 4: Engagement and Follow-Up

    • Capture Contacts: Ensure you have a way to capture participant information for follow-up, such as a sign-up form or offering a free resource in exchange for email addresses.
    • Thank Participants: Send a thank-you message to attendees with a summary of the session and offer further assistance if needed.
    • Evaluate and Iterate: Review the session’s success and gather feedback to improve future events.

An ‘Ask the Expert’ hour is a powerful tool for generating leads by leveraging your expertise and engaging directly with potential clients. It provides immediate value to participants while establishing your authority and the quality of your services. With careful planning, promotion, and follow-up, this strategy can significantly expand your network and lead pool.