Create an Exclusive Offer for Past Clients to Generate Leads

This guide explores the strategy of generating new leads by targeting past clients with exclusive offers. Re-engaging those who have already experienced your products or services with a special offer can reignite their interest and prompt them to return, potentially bringing new clients with them. We’ll cover the types of exclusive offers you can create, how to communicate these offers effectively, and the importance of tailoring them to meet the specific needs and interests of your past clients.

Tools & Skills Needed

  • Marketing Skills: To create and promote the exclusive offer.

  • CRM System: For managing client data and tracking the response to the offer.

  • Creative Approach: To design an attractive and compelling offer.


  • Client Database: A list of past clients to target with the offer.

  • Details of the Offer: Information about the exclusive deal, including terms and conditions.

  • Marketing Channels: Email, social media, and potentially direct mail for communication.


The Benefit of Targeting Past Clients

Past clients are a valuable asset to your business. They’re already familiar with what you offer and have shown a willingness to engage with your brand. By presenting them with an exclusive offer, you not only show appreciation for their previous business but also give them a reason to revisit and potentially introduce new clients to your services or products.

  • Step 1: Developing Your Exclusive Offer

    • Identify Client Preferences: Look at past purchase history or services used to tailor the offer to their specific interests.
    • Create a Compelling Deal: This could be a discount, early access to a new product or service, or a bundle offer that provides added value.
    • Ensure Exclusivity: Make sure the offer is exclusive to past clients, adding a sense of value and appreciation for their previous business.

  • Step 2: Effective Communication Strategies

    • Personalized Email Campaigns: Send personalized emails to past clients, acknowledging their previous patronage and presenting the exclusive offer.
    • Social Media Announcements: While the offer is exclusive, you can use social media to generate interest by hinting at special deals for returning customers.
    • Direct Mail: For a more personalized touch, consider sending physical mail with the exclusive offer, especially if your target audience prefers traditional communication methods.

Sample Email to Past Clients

Subject: A Special Thank You – Exclusive Offer Just for You!

Hi [Client’s Name],

We hope you’ve been enjoying [product/service they purchased]. As one of our valued clients, we wanted to say thank you and give you something special.

We’re excited to offer you [details of the exclusive offer]. This is our way of showing our appreciation and inviting you back to experience the best of [Your Business Name].

This exclusive offer is available until [expiry date]. Don’t miss out!

Warm regards,
[Your Business Name]

Creating exclusive offers for past clients is an effective way to re-engage them and stimulate new lead generation. By acknowledging their past patronage and offering them something unique, you not only foster loyalty but also create the potential for new customer referrals. Remember, the key is to make these offers relevant, valuable, and exclusive.