WooCommerce without WordPress: Is it Possible?

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WooCommerce is a popular eCommerce platform that store owners use to sell their products online. However, because it is often associated with WordPress sites, some question whether the platform can be integrated with non-WordPress sites as well.

Is it possible to use WooCommerce without WordPress? The short answer is no. WooCommerce software and its plugin are built on WordPress coding; therefore, it is limited to only working with WordPress websites or accounts. 

In this article, you will learn how to use WooCommerce efficiently and why you should always use it with WordPress.

WooCommerce & WordPress

WooCommerce has always been known for its capability to integrate with only WordPress websites, and for clear reasons: the entire platform itself was built on WordPress. The result is a free-to-use WooCommerce plugin available for all WordPress sites and themes.

Using WooCommerce with WordPress vs. Non-WordPress Websites

Although WooCommerce is meant to be used with WordPress, developers and site owners have not stopped trying to find a way to use WooCommerce on non-WordPress sites. Supposedly, there is a way to install WordPress on a non-WordPress website through its subdirectory or subdomain. From there, you can add WooCommerce as a plugin.

However, you cannot use WooCommerce without WordPress. Recent WooCommerce updates require users to have a WordPress account in order to use the WooCommerce platform. So, even if you install the plugin on a non-WordPress website, you still need a WordPress account to configure and manage your eCommerce store.

Understanding WooCommerce

WooCommerce is an eCommerce platform that integrates with websites to give store owners the ability to sell their products online. Unlike other eCommerce providers, WooCommerce functions as an open-source plugin that works with WordPress, allowing users to immediately convert their site into a fully functional eCommerce store in minutes.

Benefits of WooCommerce

Over 34% of the web is powered by WooCommerce software; it is often the go-to choice for anyone wanting to launch their own online store. There are many reasons why WordPress and non-WordPress site owners alike choose WooCommerce as their online store manager:

  • Quick Installation & Setup – As long as you have an existing WordPress theme, you can easily install and setup WooCommerce as a plugin with only a few clicks. In addition, WooCommerce’s setup wizard will walk you through configuring the plugin, making installation easy for new users.
  • Customizable Themes to Build Your Site – WooCommerce offers a selection of storefront themes that can be customized to fit your business. You can also tailor your website’s visitor checkout process with WooCommerce’s custom options. With over 400 extensions to choose from, you can configure your online store in nearly limitless ways.
  • Ability to Sell a Variety of Products – WooCommerce allows you to sell an unlimited number of products and services. You also have the option to sell multiple types of products and services, from physical items to downloadable items to subscriptions. In addition, WooCommerce makes it easy to maintain control of the products featured in your store.
  • Easily Manage Orders & Customers – WooCommerce’s dashboard allows you to view reports, manage incoming orders, and see who your customers are for stronger marketing efforts. You can also manage individual orders and customers, offering your patrons a completely personalized experience.
  • Room for Greater Optimization – Because WooCommerce runs on WordPress, your eCommerce site can take advantage of the SEO options the platform provides; this way, you can get your store listed on search engines and gain more customers in no time.
  • User-Friendly – With WooCommerce, you can continue to manage your website as you normally would seamlessly and without interruption, from uploading blogs, posting galleries, and more. If you run into trouble, WordPress’s community forum features WooCommerce experts to help you with any questions you have. There is also a WooCommerce directory with FAQs and documents to help you navigate the application; to see the directory, visit: https://docs.woocommerce.com/.

Alternative eCommerce Platforms

However, this does not mean that users without a WordPress login or site cannot have access to an eCommerce platform at all. There are alternative eCommerce applications outside of WooCommerce that work with non-WordPress websites, such as Shopify, Wix eCommerce, BigCommerce, BigCartel, and Squarespace.

Shopify is a well-known eCommerce platform that rivals WooCommerce in ease of use and functionality. Unlike WooCommerce, it is great for users who do not yet have a website. With over 100 different themes to choose from to build your own store on Shopify; no web design experience is necessary.

However, the key advantage that makes it stand out to users is the ability to integrate it with any website. Visit the Shopify website to learn more and get started.


The Wix website host and builder is popular for its low fees, and its eCommerce platform is no different. Wix eCommerce allows small businesses to build easy-to-manage custom websites integrated with a fully operational online store.

BigCommerce offers powerful built-in website tools for those experienced in managing online stores. With customizable storefronts, storefront conversion management, and cross-channel, B2B, and international support, BigCommerce is ideal for businesses looking to expand and grow their online store quickly. To learn more, visit BigCommerce’s website.

BigCartel is a common eCommerce platform among smaller businesses–specifically those that sell homemade products. It offers basic eCommerce functionalities for inexperienced users, including inventory and shipment tracking, custom domain and themes, and more, making it easy to set up and manage your own online shop at a relatively low price.

Although Squarespace started as a website builder and host for personal blogs, it has evolved to now offer eCommerce functionality for small businesses. It is ideal for users who are not looking for much customization and want to maintain a blog to help feature products and services. Visit the Squarespace website to learn more about their online store applications.

Should You Use WooCommerce with WordPress?

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The frustrations of failed updates

Most developers discourage using WooCommerce with sites other than WordPress. They recommend converting your entire website to WordPress. This will make WooCommerce much easier to manage, saving you a lot of hassle in the long run.

In addition, WordPress is very user-friendly, so it does not take long for new users to become accustomed to the platform in conjunction with WooCommerce. To get started with WordPress so you can integrate WooCommerce for your online store, visit the WordPress website.

If you already have an existing WordPress site and are having trouble deciding which eCommerce platform you should choose, WooCommerce is by far the most WordPress-friendly compared to other alternatives such as Shopify. To learn more about WooCommerce and to receive the free plugin, visit the WooCommerce website today.


Because WooCommerce is designed to work with only WordPress, having a WordPress site or account is necessary to have access to the WooCommerce software and the many benefits it has to offer.

However, this does not mean that users without a WordPress website will never be able to have an online store; in fact, there are many other eCommerce applications on the market today that work with other sites as well as WordPress, such as Shopify.

These alternative platforms provide users with benefits almost on par with what WooCommerce offers and are also quite affordable for individuals and small businesses.

But if you already have a WordPress site and are ready to take your online store to the next level, it is worth giving WooCommerce a shot first. The plugin is free and has many features you can experiment with to give your customers an easy and pleasant shopping experience.

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