How to Add Coupons to WooCommerce

Coupons are a great way to advertise your product and bring in new customers with lower prices. WooCommerce offers a simple and easy way to set up coupons that saves you time and money.

Adding a New Coupon

To add a new coupon, go to WooCommerce > Coupons and click Add Coupon. The following screen will prompt you to enter the coupon code and description fields.

The coupon code is the code that your customers will enter to apply the coupon to their order. The description field is an optional field that will not be visible to customers. If you do choose to fill out this field it will only be shown to merchants.

Below these fields you’ll see the coupon data block. This block has three sections:

  • General
  • Usage restriction
  • Usage limits


The general section of your coupon data will ask you to enter the discount type, the coupon amount, select whether or not the coupon provides free shipping, and the expiration date for the coupon.

By default, WooCommerce comes with three different discount types.

  • Percentage discounts apply a percentage discount to the entire cart.
  • Fixed cart discounts apply a fixed amount discount to the entire cart.
  • Fixed product discounts apply a fixed amount discount to selected products only. This is the only discount type that is calculated per item and not for the whole cart.

The coupon amount field is where you will enter the discount amount that you are offering. This could be 50% off or $5 off depending on the discount type you selected. You must then enter an expiration date for your coupon. There is also a check box available, which if selected will apply free shipping to your coupon. If you want regular shipping to apply you can just leave this box unchecked and your regular shipping conditions will be applied.

Usage Restriction

The usage restriction section has additional optional fields for minimum spend, maximum spend, individual usage restrictions, item exclusions, item inclusions, and more.

All of these fields are optional to fill out. However, if you don’t set any restrictions on your coupon anyone at any time can add your coupon to their cart, which is probably not what you want.

The minimum and maximum spend fields allow you to set a minimum or maximum order subtotal. This subtotal is the sum of the cart subtotal plus any applicable tax. The following check box can be selected in order to prevent your coupon from being used in conjunction with other coupons. The check box below allows you to exclude sale items from your coupon. Leaving these boxes unchecked will allow your coupon to apply to sale items and to be used with other coupons.

The following fields allow you to include or exclude products from your coupon as you desire. Adding products to the product field will specify which products are included in this coupon, while the exclude products field will exclude desired products from the coupon. The product categories field will limit your coupon to apply only to the selected categories.

The final field allows you to limit the coupon based on allowed emails. This can be all verified or signed up emails or your can allow based on domain (for example all email addresses).

Usage limits

The third and final tab within your coupon data information is about usage limits. This is where you can specify how many times the coupon can be used. You can specify limits for both how many times the coupon is used in total and how many times it can be used per person. There is also an option to limit the usage to X number of items in the customer’s cart.

Once you’ve entered all of the necessary fields and added any restrictions you may want your coupon is ready to be applied. If you need even more restrictions, such as restricting coupons to new customers only or to only be used in certain countries you can purchase the WooCommerce Coupon Restrictions plugin to gain access to more advanced and specific coupon restrictions.

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