Location: Lewiston

Lewiston, Idaho, gracefully perched at the confluence of the Snake and Clearwater rivers, is a city steeped in both natural beauty and a rich historical tapestry. As Idaho’s only seaport, Lewiston holds a unique position, providing a gateway to the Pacific Ocean through the Columbia River system. This geographical advantage has shaped its history and continues to influence its vibrant economy.

The city, named after the famous explorer Meriwether Lewis, is renowned for its historical significance in the Lewis and Clark Expedition. The spirit of exploration and adventure is still alive in Lewiston, with its numerous outdoor activities including fishing, boating, and hiking in the beautiful surrounding landscapes of Hells Canyon and the Nez Perce National Historical Park.

Lewiston’s urban landscape is a charming blend of history and modernity. Its downtown area, with beautifully preserved historic buildings, offers a journey through time, while the modern developments reflect the city’s growth and adaptability. The Lewiston-Clarkston Valley is a hub for arts and culture, hosting events such as the Dogwood Festival, which celebrates the region’s natural beauty and artistic talents.

Education is a cornerstone of the community, with institutions like Lewis-Clark State College contributing to a vibrant academic atmosphere. The college’s presence adds a youthful energy to the city and drives innovation and cultural activities.

Lewiston’s economy is diverse, with a strong presence in manufacturing, healthcare, and education, alongside its traditional industries like timber and paper. The Port of Lewiston underscores the city’s economic significance, facilitating trade and commerce.