Reconnecting with Past Customers: A Guide to Reigniting Business Relationships

This article provides a structured approach for reconnecting with past customers you haven’t engaged with in over a year. It includes strategies for identifying the right customers, conducting the call with a sample script, and effectively introducing new offers or specials.

Tools & Skills Needed

  • Effective Communication: Crucial for a positive interaction.

  • Organizational Skills: For tracking and managing follow-ups.

  • Recollection Abilities: To remember previous interactions.

  • Patience and Enthusiasm: Essential for a pleasant and engaging call experience.


  • Customer List: Filtered for those not contacted in over a year.

  • Prepared Script: Customizable for each call.

  • Information on New Offers: Details about your new services or specials.

  • Note-taking Tools: For recording any follow-up actions.


  • Selecting the Right Customers

    Review your customer list to find those you haven’t worked with in the past year, excluding any with whom you had negative experiences. This targets your efforts towards potentially receptive contacts.

  • Starting with an Easy Call

    Choose a past customer who had a positive experience with your service. This first call sets the tone for your re-engagement campaign.

  • Sample Script for the Call

    Here’s a script to guide your conversation:

    • Initial Greeting: “Hello [Customer’s Name], this is [Your Name] from [Your Company]. I hope you’re doing well. I was just looking back on some of our past projects and remembered the work we did together.”
    • Checking Satisfaction: “I wanted to check in and see how you’re doing since our last interaction. Are you still finding everything satisfactory with [service/product provided]?”
    • Introducing New Offers: “I also wanted to let you know about a new service/special we’re offering. It’s [brief description of the offer].
    • Asking for Referrals: “If you know anyone who might benefit from our services, including this new offer, I’d greatly appreciate your referral. It’s always a pleasure to work with clients like you and your recommendations are incredibly valuable to us.”
    • Closing the Call: “Thank you for your time, [Customer’s Name]. It was great catching up. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything or have any questions.”

Balancing Personal Connection and Brevity in Calls

While it’s beneficial to reconnect with your past customers on a personal level, it’s equally important to respect their time. Keeping the calls short and focused is crucial. A simple and effective way to manage this is by acknowledging their likely busy schedule at the beginning of the conversation. For instance, you might say, “I’m sure you’re busy, so I’ll keep this brief.” This statement sets the tone for a concise yet meaningful interaction, showing that you value both the personal connection and their time. Remember, the objective of these calls is twofold: to reignite old relationships and to create new business opportunities. The more calls you make, the more leads you are likely to generate, so efficiency is key. Balancing a warm, personal touch with a succinct approach ensures that you can reach out to more customers effectively, maximizing the potential of your re-engagement efforts.

Reconnecting with past customers is a valuable strategy for fostering continued business relationships and introducing new services. A well-structured call can open doors to new opportunities and strengthen your professional network.