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Generating Leads by Requesting LinkedIn Recommendations

In the digital age, your online presence is just as crucial as your offline networking efforts, especially on professional platforms like LinkedIn. Requesting recommendations from past clients or colleagues on LinkedIn is a strategic move that can significantly boost your profile’s credibility and attract new leads. In this guide, we’ll cover how to leverage LinkedIn recommendations to generate business leads, including a step-by-step approach, tips for crafting your request, and managing your recommendations for maximum impact.

Tools & Skills Needed

  • Communication Skills: Essential for crafting personalized, effective requests.

  • Organizational Skills: Keep track of whom you've asked, their responses, and any follow-up actions.

  • Gratitude and Reciprocity: Show appreciation and offer to help in return, fostering strong professional relationships.


  • LinkedIn Account: Ensure your profile is complete and up-to-date.

  • List of Potential Recommenders: Identify past clients or colleagues who can provide valuable endorsements.

  • Personalized Request Templates: Create a base template that you can customize for each request.


Understanding the Power of LinkedIn Recommendations

LinkedIn recommendations serve as public endorsements of your skills, work ethic, and achievements. They provide social proof to potential clients or employers, showcasing your expertise and reliability in your field. A well-rounded profile with a variety of thoughtful, genuine recommendations can set you apart from competitors and make you more attractive to potential leads.

  • Step 1: Identify the Right People

    Start with clients, colleagues, or supervisors who have directly experienced your work and can vouch for your abilities. The quality of your recommendations will always outweigh the quantity.

  • Step 2: Personalize Your Request

    Generic requests are less likely to be answered. Personalize your message by reminding them of your collaboration and the value you provided. Express your appreciation for their support and clearly state why you’re seeking a recommendation from them specifically.

  • Step 3: Provide Guidance, But Be Open

    While you want your recommendation to be genuine, it’s helpful to guide your recommender on what aspects of your work together you’d like highlighted. However, be open to their own perspectives and insights.

  • Step 4: Be Grateful and Reciprocal

    Always thank your recommenders for their time and offer to return the favor. Building and maintaining professional relationships is a two-way street.

Sample Script for Requesting a Recommendation

“Hi [Name],

I hope you’re doing well! I’ve been reflecting on our successful project together at [Company/Event] and how much I valued our collaboration. Your insights were crucial to our success.

I’m reaching out to kindly ask if you would be willing to write a LinkedIn recommendation for me. It would be fantastic if you could share your perspective on our work together, particularly around [specific aspect or skill you’d like highlighted]. Your endorsement would mean a lot to me and help enrich my professional profile.

Of course, I’m more than happy to write a recommendation for you in return or support you in any way I can. Thank you very much for considering my request.

Best regards, [Your Name]”

Managing Your Recommendations

Once you start receiving recommendations, manage them effectively by:

  • Thanking Your Recommenders: A simple message of appreciation goes a long way.
  • Regularly Updating Your Requests: As your career evolves, request new recommendations that reflect your growing skills and achievements.
  • Displaying Your Best Recommendations Prominently: LinkedIn allows you to reorder your recommendations. Highlight the ones that best showcase your abilities and contributions.

Requesting LinkedIn recommendations is a low-cost, high-reward strategy for generating leads. It not only enhances your profile but also strengthens your professional relationships. With a thoughtful approach and genuine appreciation, you can turn your LinkedIn profile into a lead-generating asset.